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The Fairy Godfather E. Bleu (formerly Ericka Baque)

E.Bleu lives in the historic state of Virginia with her beautiful fiancée, Robyn, 2 adorable calicos, Olivia & Cali and little tuxedo boy, Clam Zaney. 

After almost a decade of retirement due to health issues, she was persuaded to redo this site and paint when possible by her amazing in-laws and step sons. 

Living with spinal stenosis makes painting and normal daily activities almost impossible.  It was because of this that E (formerly Ericka Baque) turned her creative pursuits to writing.  Having written 4 full length volumes of the Fairy Godfather series and editing another book for young adults, she now balances health and family with looking for a publisher.


Do you take commissions?

-- Do to my disability I am unable to currently take commissions.  I may open up for an occasional portrait once in a while, when I feel up to it :)  Thank you for understanding!

May I use your art for my site/email stationary, etc.?

-- Yes, as long as credit is given and a link to this site is provided.  My art is not to be used for profit.  If you wish to use my site for a for profit project, please email me at for pricing inquiries.

I don't see all of your art anymore, where did it go?

-- I decided to make this site a portfolio of my better work.  Older art is available for sale at my Cafepress store and for viewing and sale on my Deviant Art site.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

© 2020 by E. B. Clark

(The Artist formerly known as Ericka Baque)

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