Fantasy Illustrations: Gothic, Vampire, Romantic, Fairy, Mermaid, Story Book, Fan Art

The Baron
Godpa & Merma
Fairy Flight
Pansy & Chauncy
Monsieur Chartreuse
Eighth Doctor Who
Captain of New London
The Conductor
My Mermaid
Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes
Vampire's Kiss
Fairy Godpa
Vampire Ash
Blood Prince
Blood Countess
The Fiddler
Man in the Moon
Moon Prince
The Fairy Godfather
Principe Azul
Witch Hazel
Blue Lily
Willy Wonka
The Artist
The Weed
Doctor 8
Thenth Doctor Who
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© 2020 by E. B. Clark

(The Artist formerly known as Ericka Baque)